Day 5- The Ferris Wheel

After Pikes Place, we wanted to go see the water, maybe ride the Ferris wheel or see the aquarium. So we rode the elevator down, crossed the road.

And found ourselves on the pier! 

Me and Steph and Mirah wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. 
So we bought incredibly over priced tickets- and did it! 

We could see Leah and Branny feeding the pigeons while we three went up. 
Mirah was a little nervous as we first started moving. She got into it though. 
We could see Karl and Lucas. 
Sitting together eating snacks, and waiting. 

We could see the space needle as it started to poke out behind a building. 
Hi lady. 
We could see the sound. We even saw a couple of seals swimming together out there. 
Mirah was so sweet. She was so excited to see Lucas and Dad every time. 

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