Day 5- Bubblegum Alley

Under Pikes place is a place called the Market Theater Gum Wall.
We bought a big pack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum.
We went down Post Alley.
Even before the bubble gum wall, there was lots of cool stuff to see. 

Snuffles, I mean Snowball. “Snuffles is my slave name.”

You could see the gum coming our from around a corner. 

The farther down the alley we walked the more concentrated the gum became. 

Before we even headed over, we told Mirah-“DON”T TOUCH ANYTHING.” This gum is not for eating.  🙂

Even the ground…
It photographs really well thought. It is mesmerizing. 
Zoomed in
out a little
Out a little more 
a little more…
And, one of the group. 

We chewed our gum. Mirah was bummed to say goodbye to hers. 

The two fresh pink globs in the middle are ours. 
Karl blew a bubble. 
Lucas really wanted to touch it.

Leah wanted to touch it too. 
Really fun place. 

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