Day 5- Pike’s Place!

The day dawned bright and we headed over to Pikes Place Public Market.

The market is on Pike and Pike, which I think is why it’s called Pikes place, maybe. 

It was bright and busy and smelled of fish and fried food. 

It was even crazier than the fish market in Athens. It smelled a lot better. 

There were fuites and veggies and fruit candy sticks. We got some together. 

Look at those shrimp! They are HUGE. 

Wall of CRABS! 

There were hug chicken sticks and fried food for sale. 

If mom had been there, I would have bought her a bunch of these. Pussy willows always make me think of her.  
We sat on the Pike Place Piggy Bank. 
The slot was blocked- so we couldn’t donate. 
I love these little cuties. 
We said goodbye to the pig, and went to go and get some grub. 
We crossed the street. There was a little dairy. 
Making their own cheese. 
We got some brunch of $11 mac n cheese. For that price you might say it would have to be REALLY good. Yeah, it was. 

Lucas and Mirah couldn’t get enough. 
The dairyman in the shop was teasing the kids. 
We were all still hungry. So we went to a bakery in the market. 
The portions were big. 

The kids were happy. 
Even though it wasn’t super fresh. 
Oh, look who we found! Steph had just moved to the city and we were so excited to hang with her! 
We went to the place where they threw fish and saw a fish or two being tossed. 

It all had a very Portland feeling. 
Lucas was in a Sugar trance. 

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