Day 4- The Monorail

Did you know that Seattle has a cool Monorail system? I didn’t. I thought only Disney Land had one. But I was wrong.
Leah knew. 
We all hopped on and paid our fare. 
These two little cuties. 

Here we are on the move!
Walking the mean streets of down town Seattle. 

Karl searched for a sweet place to eat and FOUND it.

Marination is this DOPE Korean American fusion place. 

It was a place that catered to people on the move and business people taking a quick lunch. Not big groups with kids. 
Not much seating. 
BUT THE FOOD WAS SOOOO good. Bulgogi Tater Tots. 

A bomb fish taco. 

Chicken Katsu Sando. 
Pork sandwich for the kids. 
We finished, everything was fantastic.
Lucas needed a diaper change, and so we stopped at a McDonalds- and had wipes but not a diaper. It was getting really late. So we ended up hurrying to the air B&B we had booked 15 minutes outside of the city. 

We got the kids settled and after a little bit of talking and planning we went to bed. 

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