Day 4- The Space Needle

The Seattle Space Needle. The one things that I felt really strongly about doing on our visit. 

Here we were heading over to the place. 

It’s such a cool building. SO mid century modern. 
It was not very busy. So we walked right up. 
There was lots of cool info about building. 

Like original models. 
And displays of what it used to be like. Like in 1962 it cost just $1 to get to the top, unlike today when it was $17 a person. Kids were free! 

The original sketch of the building over a cup of coffee.  

Before we got in the elevator we got a picture! 
Up up up the glass elevator! 
To the top of the city. 
It’s always windy at the top of tall buildings. 
Thankfully the kids were wearing sweaters.
We got a foot of soda in a space needle shaped cup that doubled as a piggy bank! 

This lady! She loves being up high! 

Me and my lady. 

I recorded our ride down. 
It seemed a lot smaller from the ground. 

Branny and Lead were not interested in being so high from the ground. So they waited for us on the ground. We got a picture from the ground. 

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