Day 4- The Drive to Seattle

After a nice little sleep in, we had breakfast from Taco Bell, and were on the road to Seattle. It is a 5 hour drive from Eugene so we had quite a trip ahead of us but everyone was smiles as we headed out! 
Just past Portland right across the river into Washington:
We stopped at a little burger joint called… CJ’s I think. 
We sat at the window while we waited for our food. 
Then a booth opened up, and we sat down. 
Lucas started to get a runny nose that morning. But he was still happy. 

The place had a shelf full of free vitamins.  
We jumped back in the car after lunch and filling up. Branny and Leah stopped then too. 
The kids fell asleep. 
When they woke up we were getting to the city. 
Then we saw the iconic Space Needle! 
That is right where we were headed!! 

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