Election Day 2016

Election Day had arrived and even though all projections looked good, I was still really nervous and uneasy. What if Donald Trump won??

To sooth myself, I got up early and made the kids breakfast and got them decked out in patriotic outfits! 


As soon as I dropped off Mirah for preschool Luke and I hustled our buns over to the polls. 

Our voting station was at Orem City Center. 
I had Lucas trapped in the stroller. 
We played around while we waited. 
The line was long, but not too bad, it moved pretty fast. 
They had three people checking in voters. 
Our voting machines. 
Hmmm. I had to insert this card that was given to me once my identity was confirmed. 
Yeah I did!

Look at me, still happy. Still naive enough to think that Utah would be a Blue state. 

Karl voted in an absentee ballot, that I dropped off for him at the polling station. 

The afternoon was spent playing around on Snap chat with Mirah:

For dinner I made a made Potato Leek Soup.

The recipe and the link to the blog:

The recipe is pretty simple, but it takes FOREVER to make.

It was super good though, and the kids LOVED it. 

Karl was having anxiety poops all night. As we watched in HORROR what happened.

This was pretty much EXACTLY what happened at our house that night. I laughed and I cried watching this. It was just… perfect.
Gabi is our SUPER right wing niece who worked on the Trump campaign. 
I loved Nick’s reaction here. 
Just for the record, in case my did is reading this. It took me a VERY long time to jump on the Hilary wagon. She is an embedded politician. She has many skeletons in her closet. But if you are a trying to tell me that I should have Donald Trump represent me as my President. Nope. That was really the final straw for me. I am an unaffiliated voter. Neither one of these candidates represents me. But Hilary and I had enough in common, where Trump…I have nothing in common with that guy. I just couldn’t. Nope, no way. NO. 

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