Smoking Meat and Chilling.

It was a weird weekend. Nothing really happened.
I mean things happened, just nothing too big to report.

Lucas has started to do this when I roll the windows down:

We went out to get bottomless pancakes for breakfast at Magleby’s 
After breakfast we went over to our friend’s house to use their smoker. We smoked a turkey breast:
And a pork lion:
Oh man look at that smoke ring! 
We had several meals with the meat. 
We had turkey and salad on Saturday. 
On Sunday Karl made DELICIOUS Tripletas (A Puerto Rico style sandwich.) Pork three ways. Smoked pork, Bacon, and Ham.  
And for dessert, my spouse the culinary genius made creme brule.   

I loved it. 
This is what my days look like, and this weekend especially. 
Mirah made some crafts for Grandma. 
And American Indian. 
A Turkey. 
We took a drive when Lucas was losing it. 

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