New Park

Orem City Center park was just renovated, it is now the:
It’s an all abilities park. 
The crown jewel of the park is a swing for kids in wheel chairs. 
Check it out! 
There were TONS of kids there. TONS. And the longer we stayed the more kids and their adults arrived.
He was a little overwhelmed and it took him a minute to get into it. 
Then I saw this thing. A swing for two. 

He was into it! 
I was too, I mean check out my view! 

Meanwhile Mirah get on the merry go round with a million kids. 
Lucas finally got into it. 
Mirah was still on the Merry Go Round. 
Lucas got on the Rocket ship. 

Then it just became about me keeping up with the maniac. 
Mirah finally got tired of the Merry Go Round. 
So the kids played in the tots zone together. 

“Mom, I am in the beehive.”

Great park. 
We will visit it many times. 

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