Kids Right Now

15 months old now. 
He has 8 teeth.
He loves candy. 
He is my little buddy. He wants to be with me at all time. 

He is waving hi to himself in this picture. 
He loves to drive. 
He loves cars.
He loves trucks. 
The many expressions of my brown eyed boy:

He is babbling a ton these days. He is “taking turns” talking. He is at the phase where he will look at you and “talk” to you. And I just say, “Yeah buddy? What else?” and he just keeps on “talking” to me. 
This boy! I just love him!!
She is LOVING school. 

She is starting to read. She knows tons of sight words and loves to read with me. 
Her favorite books to read right now are Elephant and Piggy, Splat the Cat, and these funny little Hello Kitty books. 
She loves to “make art”
She is loving the halloween season and is enjoying all of our fall traditions. 
I freaking love this girl. 

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