Playdough and Van Gough

Today was the first day of fall break which means NO SCHOOL for Mirah until Tuesday!
So I have planned a few fun activities.

Today’s activity brought us to BYU.
As we approached campus we saw this hot air balloon. 

Fall colors are in the valley in full force and it is just lovely. 
We were able to get spots at the VanGogh and Playdough program. 
Lucas is too young. But he was SO good, and enjoyed watching the other kids. 
We started with an Eric Carle book. 
Learned about the work Medium in art. Meaning different things you can use to create art. 
Then we went to the blanket stack. 
This artist used blankets as her medium. 

They gave each of the kids a crazy straw and pieces of felt to creat their own felt stack. 

Our next stop:
This installation is made of metal. 
This became a science lesson of finding metal with magnets. 
The next piece we talked about was the rainbow thread installation. 
There is 81 miles of thread here. 
They gave the kids rain clouds, and talked about the rainbow. 
Still being an angel. 

Our turn to make some art with different mediums. 
We gave a turtle a colorful shell with yarn.

We decorated a letter M with all dieereft kids of beads and beans and sparkles. 

Meanwhile Lucas played with blocks in the corner. 

He was having so much fun playing with these other little boys. 
Our last stop:
Making a hot air balloon with tissue paper! 

She did it! What a great job! 

After a super fun outing, we got home and had an awesome gift from Grandma Pippy.

A lovely day of art and fun. 

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