Timp Caves with the Kids

So a few ago weeks ago we were planning and talking about stuff we missed this summer. We hadn’t been up the canyon once this summer, despite our best efforts. We thought it might be fun to take the kids up and do something. So we booked a tour of the Timpanogos caves!

Karl and I had been once before:

Back in July 2009.
Everything about this picture makes me laugh out loud.
Ok, one more.

In 2009 Belle was 16. Yeah she had gone to EFY that week. HAHAHA.

So after a big breakfast at Maglby’s Fresh, we packed up the kids, and drove up the alpine loop to the Trail head. 
HEY! My family. There were four of us that day, but instead of my mom and Belle, I had my TWO kids! 
Karl carried Lucas on his back. Like a boss. 
Lucas was loving it. 
It was fun to go with Mirah. She is just at an age of discovery, everything is so interesting.
We talked all about the different rocks we were going to see on our hike. 
With all of our stops, Karl and Lucas got ahead of us
The hike was 1100 feet of elevation gain, and it was seriously vertical, the whole time. The views were beautiful. 
But these two had it right:
It was a hard hike! 
But we were making it! 

But, by the half way mark up Mirah was STRUGGLING! 
The trail was as dangerous as ever. 
Before we went up we gave Mirah a talk about how dangerous the trail was and the rule was that she always had to be holding one of our hands. This picture was one of the few times she wasn’t holding one of our hands. 

We all had good shoes, and we stopped for lots of breaks, and had lots of snacks and water. 

Even so, 3/4 of the way up we stopped again and we were all in a better mood when sitting down!
Me and My girl. 
Lucas was pretty chill, he enjoyed the ride up. 
Mirah’s spirits were lifted when she found a stick. 

Back on the trail, things seemed to be getting steeper and steeper. 
Mirah was getting slower and slower, and we having to be kind of dragged up the trail. 
She wasn’t as bad as one little girl who was SCREAMING bloody murder about her legs hurt. “My legs hurt! Carry Me!!” As annoyed as I was getting Mirah up the mountain side, she was at least not getting upset and screaming. She always kept going and despite slowing down and whining a little, she did really great. 
We left the baby carrier in the designated box since it wasn’t allowed in the cave and Lucas got a chance to try and hike a little. 
He didn’t do that well. 
He was loving bouncing around with his dad. 
We were at last at the top! 
There were lots of interesting things to read at the top. 

There were even Rangers up at the top, ready to answer questions. 
Like showing ups these ancient coral fossil, AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN! 
This is Ranger George, he was so sweet to answer all of our questions. 
I was mostly just happy to be not climbing up! 
We were ready to start our tour! 

Ranger Nick was our tour guide.  

In we went! 

Mirah was “nervafied” to be inside the mountain. 
Lucas was so cute. 
The tour began. 

We started in Hansen’s cave and saw what Hansen called the Pipe Organ formation, on the far right. 
Ranger Nick showed us the “Bacon” coloration. 
And a flow formation. 
There were metal hooks in this room, because minors came in to take pieces of these formations. Some ended up in churches, and in private homes, and even at the Natural History Museum in New York City. 

Mirah was worried about the lake. It was just a shallow pond. 
The stones in the cave would light up when you apply light. The color indicated what kind of mineral came down with the water. Red means Iron. 

A dried cave pool. Ranger Nick said that when it rains hard sometimes water does appear, but then seems to flow to caves below us. 

Yellow. Nickel. 

Everyone in front of the heart of Timpanogos. 
The HEART of Timpanogos. 
Green, bronze. 

The fault line. 

More bacon. 
The unicorn formation in the middle, and to the far right, the bear. 
The Camel. 
The crocodile. 
We finished our tour, and got all organized. 

Lucas loved being out of the carrier for a little while. 

What lovely views!
Then our decent began. 
Once Lucas was back in the carrier, we passed out! 
Mirah was getting tired and hunger for a good meal. 

We let her pick where we would go for our late lunch. 
She chose Pho. 

She loves the long noodles. The thin meat, the savory broth, and the bean sprouts! 

We got Lucas a bowl of rice. 

I got the steak bowl with extra noodles, to share. 
IT WAS AMAZING. My after. 
It was a yummy and quiet lunch. The restaurant was dark and empty at 4:00 in the afternoon. It was PERFECT! 
We had a quiet evening at home.
It was such a fun day! A perfect day really. 

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