Kids at Bathtime

Summer time is a messy time. Playing in the dirt, swimming in pools, popsicles, and snow cones. Summer is a messing time especailly when you are a one year old who loves food. 
He eats them with both hands. 
Love this boy. 

So bath time is required more often and they are a little more rigorous than ever. 
It is a team effort. We put the kids in together. Then one of us stays and baths the other kids, and one of us takes a kid out and get them ready. 
It was my turn to take Lucas and get him all ready. And he was just being so stinking cute! 
Trying to eat his towel. 
Got it. 
Later, I took care of Mirah, braided her hair, and it was time for bed, so Karl and Mirah were going in to go to bed. 

My loves. 

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