BFR: Saturday Night

So after the crafts, and games, and the pool, and a show…we had a delicious dinner. Malia had slow roasted beef for tacos for dinner. It has been smelling so yummy all day and I was STOKED to get it in my belly! We ate it’s shreddy goodieness in tacos with had fried shells, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour, cream, guac, and salsa. We all ate to our hearts content and there was lots of left over.
(Enough for us to make two huge trays of ultra nachos for lunch the next day)

After dinner we turned on a bugs life.

And let the kids run around. 
Then Grandpa Hite turned on the Lego Movie on our porch.
The kids were into it. 
The little kids were having their way inside. 
Karl and I were getting ready to go on a date! 
Aunt Shirlene came and got my order, for my thrid and final raspberry shake from Le Beau’s.
So Jakes, Merlin’s, Le Beau’s.  All very good. 
The movie crowd had multiplied and Lucas was down for the night. 
Grandma and Grandpa were planning on staying in for the night and they said that they would watch the kids. 
So Karl and I took our shake and watch the sunset by the water. 
When we got back an hour later more people were gathered on the porch. 
We came in to check in on Lucas and Grandpa had his food out and we got a good look at the recent surgery 
Karl didn’t like it. 
Then the Karaoke started.  
Mirah sang “Let it Go.”
Malia did a sweet rendition of…I can’t remember. 
Brian did “Like a Virgin.” In front of all of his young children. It was so funny. He edited it, and we were all just laughing so hard. The best part about it was that his 11 year old son Seth sighed him up. 
The crowd got bigger and bigger as the night went on. 
I didn’t get a picture but the whole porch was covered and crowded with people by 10:00. 
Malia, Karl, and I sang “Twist and Shout,” and were having a blast, when a neighboring guest came out and told us to “remember you have neighbors,” and that quiet time had come. 
We got shut down pretty quickly. 
We went inside to put Mirah to bed and play games.
Malia and I DOMINATED Karl and his dad at Hand and Foot. 
The first round anyway. 
Went to bed tired, full, and happy. 

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