BFR: Pickleville Playhouse

We joined other members of the Barney clan at the Bear Lake institution of Pickleville Playhouse. 
Grandma and Grandpa Hite beat us all there and had a couple of snowcones while they waited.  
Brooklynn and Mirah. 
Kennedy and Dustin. 
Lucy being loved by everyone. 
Lucas woke up from his post pool nap and was pretty cranky. 
We went in and got concessions and mustaches! 
All concessions were $2.00. 
They sold popcorn, soda, and BIG pickles on a stick! 
Lucas was NOT into his mustache. 
Seating began and we headed in to sit down. 
We were in the very back row! 
I sat with Malia. 
And Lucas. 
The gang. 
The show began and was pretty funny. 
And odd. 
Then I dropped my pickle when Lucas started to loose it! 
Intermission couldn’t come too soon. Family Photo! Ladies sleeping. 
Somehow Luke was getting sleepy too. 
Foolishly we decided to try and do a Father and Son mustache pic at this point during intermission. 
“What are you doing dad?”
Then he started to get into it. 
These guys. 
Crooked mustache. 
Juanita Bandita and the Shaved Ice Adventure. 
No problem with the snow cone. 
Sweet Grandpa Hite got all the kids snow cones during intermission. 
They were all pretty stoked about it. 
It wasn’t just the Hites at the show. 
It was the Hicken’s and Grandma and Grandpa too!
After intermission we all piled back into our seats.  
The rest of the show went on and we laughed. 
Mirah totally passed out. So did Malia. She is asleep in these pictures. 
On our way out, we took pictures with our favorite cast members. 
So fun! Thanks Grandpa and Grandpa Hite for the tickets. 

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