BFR: Dip in the Pool

The kids were swim suited up and so were we!
The Blue Water Resort in Bear lake not only had sea side access, it had it’s very own swimming pool, and hot tub too. 
It was a short walk from our room to the pool.
Shortly after we arrived the Reddoch’s joined us. 
Asher, after dipping just his head in the water. 
We went a head and got Lucas a life jacket. After the fact I realize it was unnecessary. He is so little, there is no way we would leave him alone near the water. 
So we took it off and he seemed a little more relaxed. 
Something that really helped him relax was his best buddy Seth Matthews. 
Mirah and Judah splashed around in the shallow end. She has always loved the water, but being able to touch the bottom has been so fun for her this summer. 

Asher, captain safety, surveyed from the pool side mostly. 

Lucas started to poop out suddenly. 
Everybody else was still going strong! 
Mom and dad with this tired boy. 
The whole Pipkin Hite Gang! 

When it was finally time to go, Mirah was sad to stop swiming! 

Karl. 🙂 So good with the kids.

Back to the room to change and warm up. Lucas fell asleep as soon as he was changed. 

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