BFR: Lazy Saturday Morning

The day started with breakfast by Betsy. 
She made delicious eggs and bacon and hash browns.

Meanwhile Lucas was going crazy while accidentally playing horsey with this pool toy. 

Karl and I were excited…and tired. And ready to go! 
The kids played outside together for a while.
They made a “fire pit” and roasted “marshmallows.” 

They made visors. 
And we did a lot of hanging around. 
Nick and Betsy went to give the girls a nap so I took his place in the Hand and Foot game. 
Malia and I were killing Karl and Jim. 
Karl was mad. 

The game ended when this little sweet heart woke up from his nap. 
We decided to go to the pool instead of the beach. We couldn’t face all the sand. 

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