BFR 2016:Friday Night Potluck

Around 6 or so dinner started. I was a potluck of sorts. Everyone had an assignment. We brought chips for 33. SO we did. 
It was a lovely evening. 
Everyone was gathered and waiting around for dinner to start.
The kids so cutely playing. 
And dinner was served. BBQ chicken sandwiches, made by Greg and Shirlene. 
“Lucas want food.”
Mirah is always easy as long as their is a veggie tray. 
Asher and Mirah. 
Lady Kenny. 
The Barney siblings sitting together and talking. 
Chris and Mel. 
Glad to be together again, I think. 
OH I love my little family. 
Mirah is such a little ham. 
Lucas and Mirah at the reunion.  
Every body loved Lucas. 
My boys. 
I most especially love this boy. What a freaking cutie!! 
Mirah, I love my Mirah.
Mirah and Brookie. 
Happy to play together again. 
4 Generations.
Grandma Barney came along just then. 
Family picture with them! 
The two PsyD’s. 
The Reddochs. 
Gathering for the Big family photo began. 
Talon and Adaline. 
Then Nicole and William jumped in. 
The Barney Family Reunion Group 2016
After all that picture taking, Uncle Larry announced that the unwrapping game was about to begin! 
Tons of us all in a circle. Having a blast rolling doubles, and laughing. 
Judah and Malia worked together. 
They got some silly putty! 
Mirah got some pencils. 
We ended up with some gum, and Mirah was in heaven! 

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