BFR: Afternoon at the Beach

Althought our room had a lovely lakeside view, the hike to the water was a bit of a significant one. Especially with kids and all of our gear. But on Friday afternoon while Lucas took his nap, we finally made it!


Oh my goodness I love this lady. She is so amazing. She loves the water. 
Karl and I had such a fun time snorkeling in Greece, we bought snorkels hoping we could use them at the lake. But the water was really cloudy.  

SUCH a beautiful day. 
A while after we arrived so did Malia and the boys. 

The kids on the raft.
Ladies on the land. 
Judah is so funny. He likes having things just so. 
And he LIKED being on the raft. 
Asher was a little more nervous than Judah about the ride. Much more careful. 
Mirah was cold after being in the water. So she just wanted to stay wrapped in her towel. BUT in true Karl Hite fashion, she didn’t want to be left out. 

After their ride, Mirah got out and we had a snuggle. 
Comfy Cozy. 

Just love this face. 
Meanwhile Judah playing in the water!
And Asher rolling in the sand. 
Once Mirah was warm enough, and Judah was done in the water. Everyone was in the sand. 

Judah wanted Mirah to bury him. 
They were never able to get enough sand. Even after washing off, they were all still covered in sand. 

When we got back to the room all of the kids got cleaned up there. 
The whole room was COVERED in sand. 
The shower, the floor, the jetted tub, even the toilet. SAND EVERYWHERE. 
Worth it. 

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