BFR: Barney Bunch Dash Bash

As directed, the gang gathered at 1:00 to participate in the Barney Bunch Dash Bash. 
The Amazing Nicole Hicken Andersen (yes that is her title) organized and created the whole activity. 
Here she is welcoming and instructing the group on rules, teams, and general information. 
There was a list of places to go and pictures to take, but additionally there was a list called Bug a Barney. There were questions at some of the stops, and if you could figure out the answer on your own, cool. If not there was also a clue there about which Barney to call to find the answer. 
Karl and Me, waiting for our team assignment. 
Mirah and Asher waiting together. 
They were hoping to be on the same team. 
They weren’t. 
We were on the Orange team. 
We named ourselves: Orange You Glad You Are a Barney: Orange is the New Barney. 
Nicole was insanely organized. She had packets printed on corresponding colored paper with matching colored bandanna for every participant of the group.  
As the orange group. We were looking good at our first stop, Pickleville playhouse! 
With orange mustaches, like Janito Bandito. 
In action!! 
Our next stop at the park, everyone going down the slide. 
So slowly…our turn. 
Next stop at the highway 111 doing the “Rocky”

Next one, take a picture with every member of your group with Grandma and Grandpa Barney. 
Piling in and out of the car was fun. Really. Mirah and I were having so much fun. In fact it was right about here when Mirah turned to me and said, “Mom, I am having so much fun. I am so happy.”

Our next stop, the Chevron at the top of the hill. We were instructed to walk in backwards. 
Walking around backwards, doing the YMCA backwards. 
Buying a pack of gum, backwards. 
Walking out, backwards.
Then our group photo, everyone blowing a bubble. An extra point for every bubble in the picture. 

Next stop, at the look out up the hill, doing a a pyramid! 

There was a bonus challege, a picture with someone’s dog. Extra points if you can convince someone to let you walk their dog. 
Mirah so cute. She wishes. 
Take a picture with an out of state licence plate, an extra point for a Q. We had a double Q!!
Have a dance party in front of La Beau’s with strangers! 
Do a Chinese Fire Drill. 

Mirah and our second cousin D’Angelo. He is a total sweet heart. 
We lost half of our group due to baby troubles. We had to take a picture at the beach on the lake! 

Mirah fighting a circus baby picture. 

Back at the Bear Lake Pizza Co, we took a group picture of everyone touching the bear. 
Then we took a picture a maniquins at the Light House Gift shop. 
We had two cars that bought exactly $1.00 worth of gas at the local station. 
Chris did exactly one dollar! 
Dustin did too, but he pre-paid with a one dollar bill so it was a little less impressive. 
He still felt pretty good about it. 
A little more tired, a little more ruffled, but no less excited than when we began. 

After the big party that night there was a slide show of pictures and videos from the scavenger hunt. 
The most exciting part of this was that the winner would be announced after the video. 
Mirah and Lucas were both excited to find out who won! 
It was US!! We won first place!!! Yeah!! 
An old dance competition trophy!! YES! 
Such a fun day! We had so much fun! 
Great job to our whole team, and of course The Amazing Nicole Hicken Andersen for getting it all together. We had a blast! 

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