Merry Christmas, Allison

Your blog is important to us and I’d like you to have a better tool. Well, here it is. It’s a private WordPress server that I’m going to switch over to the domain. I can customize anything and you can choose from any WordPress theme.


  • Youtube auto-embed (just paste in a youtube url)
  • Google Photos auto-embed (just paste in a share link)
  • Such control
  • Much CSS
  • Backups

Christmas Wishes:

From Karl:

From then till now till never.

From one lot to this to another.

However we got there, wherever that is.

Your famous hugs, your lickery kiss.

20% joking, but 100% true.

Let it be known, I super love you.


-With all my love, respect, appreciation, enjoyment, refreshments, and zazziness.

Merry Christmas 2017! This gift comes with the following commitments:

  • Make any style changes you request.
  • Submit one “By Karl” post per month. Subject is Karl’s discretion unless an assignment is made in advance by you.
  • Renew and maintain this web host in perpetuity.

From Mirah:

I’m glad you are my person to love on Christmas. I love you!

From Lucas:

MY MOM THE BEST. I LOVE YOU! Merry Chrissmiss!

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