Christmas Eve

One of my personal favorite parts about Christmas is our Christmas church services. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting service.

Poor Branny, we dragged him along, and he was a good sport. It was a nice service, lots of wonderful music.

Lucas was stoked to have Branny there, and even more excited that they were matching.

My baby brother.

Love this guy.

We got home from church and took naps.

Then dinner and a party at Cam and Kelly’s place.

I got a bunch of picture of the kids at the kids table. Mostly because I think this is the cutest table of kids ever.


I am posting all of the pictures. I just can’t even delete any of them. Each of them is so perfect in it’s own way.

This Christmas light spectral-Krystin.

We had a panini bar and fruit and veggies.

After dinner Kelly set the kids to the important work of decorating cookies. Which they all loved and did with enthusiasm.

Lucas ate as he went.

Then the kids opened gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.

We got our kids into their PJ’s. And into their lights.

We turned the light off we turned on a Christmas movie and left the kids to do a quick white elephant gift exchange.

Amazing gifts everywhere.

When we got home later that night, we set out a plate and cookies for Santa, Mirah insisted on a carrot for the reindeer.

Last year on Christmas eve we went out for dinner at midnight at Denny’s. Mom and dad even came.

We went out again this year. Branny stayed home with the kids, he was too tired to shlup out at midnight.

Karl was excited to come this year, and grateful to Branny for staying home with the babies.


Milk Shakes.

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