Mirah’s Preschool Performance

The day dawned bright and early, and a 9 AM call time came quickly that morning.
Karl decided to go into work late and come with us to her preschool concert. 
The theme was Whoville in Preschool and we dressed up with that in mind. 
Mirah had a banana for breakfast. 
I love having Karl with me during the day. 🙂
We dropped Mirah off at in her classroom with her buddies. 

After Mirah was all dropped of we sat down together. 
Lucas was bored waiting. 
Until he saw his dad again. 
Finally the kids started to file in and look so cute! 

And there she was, up on stage!

And the performance began:
Looing at you! 

After the performance, Mirah got a little diploma from her teacher, the wonderful Miss Vickie! 
And a Teddy Bear, which she loved. 

My little graduate! 

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