Mirah’s 4th Birthday Party

Party time!! And the birthday girl was ready!

We had a family event BBQ! 

Hamburgers and hot dogs.
Chips and Potato Salad.
Watermelon and pickles. 
Mirah’s birthday bling was provided by:
Her lovely Aunt Krystin. The only member of my family at the party. 
Still, we had a good group of Hite family and some friends there too. 
Kami and Doug.
There was even family of friends there. 😉
This is Mary and her little brother Johnny. 
Zac…unwilling to look at the camera. 
He always busts up laughing once the picture is taken. 
Dad’s and their babies. 
Auntie Malia even made it! 
Mirah the 
Oh my gosh the sweet little Ivy, she droped her hot dog on the ground and then just decided to finish it there. 
Kids table!! 
After dinner, we had a pinata!
Birthday girl first. 

Then youngest to oldest

There wasn’t too much of a dent in it, until Karen got in there and beat it up!

She was still going nuts on it when the kids couldn’t wait anymore to get some candy!

There was a hectic moment there, but everyone was smiles watching the kids have a ball. 

Lucas watched timidly on. Maybe he will get up there next year…maybe.
Mirah was set with candy for the summer.

Yes, it was the same cake as last year. 
By request. 
Happy Brithday !!!

Let the presents begin! 
A sweet new hat from Doug and Kami. 
Sweet birthday outfit from Aunt Malia. 
Doc McStuffin’s outfit from KP.
Nail polish, chalk and a sweet drawing from the Lunds. 

Stuff from us:
She got a Robo paint and plant pot from the Whitmores and stickers and stamps galore from the Reddoch’s. She got and amazing pink ballet outfit from her grandma Pippy. She was spoiled by her many loved ones. Feeling grateful for all of our friends.

Cake time!!!

Flash forward a couple of days:
Mirah is loving all of her new birthday gear.
She loves her hat. 
And new play dough set. 

If she is not in her hat, she is dressed as Doc McStuffins. 

We had a happy little girl. Love her so much. Feeling SO thankful for my lady. 
SO grateful for that day 4 years ago we met and fell in love and finally together forever. 

My baby. My baby. My baby is 4. 

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