Karen’s Derby Bout

While Karl worked on the fence and Lucas was taking his morning nap, Mirah and I went to Karen’s Roller Derby Bout. 
Mirah was squinting in the sun, but she was actually really excited. 
It took place in a side warehouse of a teaching company. 
(HVDD: Happy Valley Derby Darlings, the adult derby league)
We paid our entrance fee, and got out stamps. 
We were both so excited to be out together on another Mommy/Mirah date. 
We got there 10 minutes late, and there was already points on the board. 
Karen is on the Green Marvels.
Karen was already on FIRE! 
She is the one in the white helmet and green socks. 

Watch her take that hip! 

Here she is as the jammer, taking a bug hit by a much bigger girl and doing an amazing job! 

Here she is as the Pivot, knocking this kids out! 
At halftime Karen came over and said hi. 
Her Grandma Janae was there as well as her cousin Story and her Aunt Jacqueline. 
Krysta giving Karen some awesome encouragement and congratulations. 

Karen’s sweet jersey:
Hurtie Birdie
It is so hard not to cheer for Karen. We had to really make ourselves call out: 
These two cuties. 
Back in the game.
It was SUCH a good bout. It was a really close game

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