The Ides of March-Remembering Andrew

Two years ago today our friend Andrew was missing .
He was found on the 17th. The 17th was a dark and terrible day.
Instead of remembering the day we found him, we wanted to remember him, so we went on a ride up the cemetery to visit his grave.
It was our inaugural bike ride with our new trailer. It was also Luke’s first bike ride.
All smashed in there, cute as can be!
It was the coldest evening we have had in a while. 
And despite some crazy traffic and tears and scariness. 
We made it. 
Someone had already been there. They left Andrew a gift. A fast break. 
Luke shed a tear. It was from the cold. 

We had a nice ride home. Then dinner of warm chicken noodle soup.
Life is short. Be with people you love. Tell the people you love you love them.

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