Pi Day! And Dia e Veres!

Pi Day! Dia e Veres!
The morning started out with a sweet sweet bang!
Chelsea came up to my room and told us some amazing news:
She got into BYU!!!! For grad school!
We went out to breakfast together at a BYU landmark: Guru’s.

It hailed!

We had a pizza pie for lunch.

AMAZING shepherds pie for dinner.

FHE on gratitude and a lesson about Pi.

Then a dessert. A chocolate cream pie.

Lucas had a little sliver of pie for himself.

Karl had a slice.

Mirah had a slice.

I served myself then turned back to Lucas:

He had totally had his way with the pie.

I think he liked it.

Watch it. 

“Hey, more pie!”

Just a little tradition:
Dia e Veres bracelets!

Sigh, good day. 

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