Christmas Eve with the Hites

So Christmas Eve was finally here!
Three babies first Christmas. Eve. 
We arrived and it was already time for lunch. 

Most of the day was spent with the adults up stairs and the kids down stairs. Mirah found a chap stick….and had her way with it.  
Eventually adults needed to go down there. 
Auntie Malia did some hair. 
This was mostly the day:
At least one baby being fed, Mom woking on a project, a kids trying to get a gift open. 
Eventually it was time for dinner. 

Napkin Hats
Babies and Adults 
Grandma and her project. 
Dad’s not holding babies:
My Karl, holding a baby. Yeah. 
Dinner was served and the kids got busy eating. 
My Sandwich.:
Two slices of havarti cheese, sprouts, tomatoes, lots of bacon, lots of pastrami, lots of avocado, all on Grandma Sycamore bread. 
Father Son. 
Mary Poppins, I mean Malia waiting to eat while she loves on a baby. 

After dinner was over, Grandma Hite read “the story” aka “Why Giving is Nice.”
Then the gift exchange. It was pandemonium.
In the end I think I won.
Mirah, Lucas and I got:
A membership to Thanksgiving point! 
Karl got the Allhambra BIG BOX! 
We headed home around 7:30 with the hopes of doing a few things with my family and putting the kids to bed. 

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