Floating Date Night


It was Friday night, Date night, and we were determined to have an excellent time. Dinner at Terra Mia, nice conversation and taking time to plan a little for our trip, and then a new adventure we have been so excited to try: Sensory deprivation chambers at the Float Spa in Provo.

I was SO excited.

We got in a little early for our appointment. The watched a informational video about what to expect in the spa.

We took a little tour, and then we went to our own little rooms.

My pod as I came in.

Adjacent to a little shower.

I started to get undressed, because yes you are totally naked when you get into the salt water. I took a picture of me with the pod for scale.

I opened the pod and it smelled like salt water.

A note of the shower, it was pretty cool. They have despensers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on the wall to the left. And the shower head was one of those heavy rain showers. I LOVED it.

This is the head rest some people choose to use for their float. It just keeps your head a little higher out of the water. This is a concern, because the water is VERY salty, and you float with NO effort. But if you touch your face or your eyes with your wet salty hands it can really sting.

They also provide makeup wipes, wax earplugs, and Vaseline to cover any cuts.

They start the music when the timer for your 60 minute float begins. So just as I had gotten my ear plugs in and finished my shower the music started and I got in.

Okay, my review of the float: I LOVED IT. It was a meditative wonderful experience. I was alone, really alone for the first time in I can’t remember when.  I was dark, and I was naked, and I loved it. I felt energized and empowered. My thought ran into how wonderful my body is, and how beautiful I truly am.

I was starting to feel a little untethered from time. So I decided to do an little exercise of counting one Mississippi. I got to 10 Mississippi and the music came one.

I went into the after bathroom and did my hair.

Then I got my oxygen on! It was eucalyptus flavored.

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