Adult Night Out

You might imagine that after a Steak dinner on Thursday, a movie on Friday afternoon, and lots of other times spent with others that Jim and Lynnelle might want to take a break from going out. You would however be wrong!

We went to this awesome sushi place called Itto Sushi in Midvale.

We seriously love Sushi, but this place had so many interesting new ways to sushi. Like this one:


Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, tobiko, kaiwarem gobo wrapped in thin sliced cucumber with ponzu sauce
Seriously SOOO good. The cucumber adds a crunch and freshness, and it has no rice! SO no carbs.

One of my MOST favorite bites of the night was this:

Scallop (Hotate)


It was only two pieces, but seriously so freaking good.


This one was so fun and crazy! I actually comes out on fire!

Fire Dragon

Coconut shrimp, spicy crab, spicy tuna topped with escolor, lime, jalapeño, eel sauce, spicy sauce

It had a smokey flavor that I was not ready for. Good. Spicy and sweet.

Jim ordered:

Sashimi Boat

Seaweed salad, 2 miso soup, sashimi 12 pcs, rainbow 10 pcs

Image result for Itto Sushi Boat

He ate the whole thing himself. This is an image pulled off the internet. I was too busy laughing with the rest of the people at the table as this HUGE boat came out and onto the table.

The rolls that we always get were so so so good too.


California roll topped with tuna, salmon, hamachi, shrimp, avocado

The California is only 5.95 and it was SO good.


They had a bunch of crazy sweet rolls like this one:

Romeo & Juliet

Coconut shrimp, cream cheese, crab topped with ebi, mango, avocado, cali morning sauce and eel sauce


Jim and Lynnelle pick up the check, and that was SO generous. It was close to $300 of sushi. It was PRETTY incredible.

We ended the night at Nitsy’s house playing games and talking.

Fun times. Thanks to everyone for a great night, and THANKS to Jim and Lynnelle for an epic dinner.

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