Sloan’s 2nd Birthday

This will just be a set of pictures about Sloan’s 2nd birthday party. 
Cam and Kelly invited the gang over to their house to celebrate.
With two kids, I find photographing events much harder, and I feel my work has suffered. 
Still I got a few pictures of a few moments of the day. 
Like these of Karl and sweet Reese. 

Krystin and Maryn were there. 

Maryn held Lucas most of the party. I think she loves him. 
Some friends of Cam and Kelly were there too. 
Here Mirah and their daughter Cosette played together. 
The time for cake had come. Kelly made a delicious angel food cake. 
Here he is, the birthday boy!
Sloan,  was into it. 

Resses pieces and his dad. 
Kelly enjoying the cake. 
Time for presents.  

Karl, Debbie, and Krystin spent a half an hour building Sloan’s big gift, and Cosy Coupe. 

Karl said it was so much fun to build because Sloan was SO excited about it. Every time they got any part finished, he would get in the car and trying to drive it. 
Karl would say, “almost buddy” The point where they got two wheels on, Sloan couldn’t stand it and he jumped in and tried to scoot it around. Finally when the wheels were on, it was heaven on wheels. Just a boy and his car. 
Happy birthday buddy.  

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