The State Fair

Ever since we missed the Clarke County fair back in April I have had the Utah State Fair on my Calendar. 
It was a HOT day. I was ready with my big hat. 
I watched State Fair in segments the other night while breast feeding, and as we walked into the handmade goods judging area I couldn’t help but laugh and remembering that movie. 
A non pintrest fail! 
That green and yellow one:
JalapeƱos and Bananas! 

There was a women there spinning her own yarn. She had a table of home made crafts. Including this little beauty:
The top label says,
“Inside of this satchel made from yarn made from Dog Hair. “
The ourside is cat hair. 
Mirah’s hat wasn’t cutting it, so we got her some sunglasses. 
Then we went to the little kids farm area. 
You get to gather your own corn. 
You then feed it to the cow. 

You then milk the cow. 

Pick some apples. 

Plant some seeds. 
Harvest your food. 
Gas up your tractor. 

Then give it a spin. 
Join the FFA
Sell your items:
Then buy a treat from the store.
The day was getting hotter.

So we stepped in to make a pig mask craft. 
Mirah insisted on wearing her glasses on top of her mask. 
We saw a beehive. 
Stopped for some lunch. 
We saw a cow being milked. 
Mirah was a little disturbed. 
Then we went to check out all of the farm fresh produce. 

I imagine the BFG would love that cucumber. 

This nice girl made Mirah a wool bracelet 
And even gave her some sweet new shades to wear. 

Karl took the baby at this point. 
We were getting hot. And it was time to go to see Sloan on his birthday. So we left the fair. Having tasted all of its delights for the last time for a while. 

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