Canning Salsa

So out tomato plants are really starting to give us fruit, and Karl and I were inspired to give salsa making, in an effort to can, a try. 

I saw a recipe that had suggested making a tomato juice first, as a base for the salsa. So we did. 
We cut up our tomatoes and put them in our newly acquired juicer. 
My sweet mom gave us her Kitchen Aid, with all of the original and seemingly unused attachments. 
All the extra stuff:
This went on for a while. 

We then blanched, skinned and seeded the rest of the tomatoes. 
We had garden fresh jalapeƱo that was added in too. 
We purchased some locally grown garlic at the raspberry farm. We got green onion, white onion, and cilantro at our local grocery store. We just used bottle lime juice too. 
The stuff. 
In jars,
Getting the lids ready. 
In the end, 8 jars of salsa. Yum. 

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