Pre Preschool

For the past little while Mirah has been really excited about starting school, so when they emailed and said there would be an open house the week before class started she was SO excited. 
When we got there she of course wanted to see the toys first!
Here she is playing with the tools.
They gave us a scavenger hunt paper to make sure that Mirah saw all the areas of the room. 
Including but not limited to:
The toy bins. 
The color/shape rug.
The tissue box. The bathroom. The dance room.
She got a sucker when she found all of the things. 

One of the other kids got the toys out…and the fun began. 
Another Pre Preschool activity, we started weekly playdate/ preschool with our friends the Lunds. 
Here are the girls, Mirah and Alice practicing writing the letter “A”
Ivy was practicing too. She did really well too. 
Mirah and Alice play well together. Here they are coloring with chalk on the back porch after letter practice. 
Lucas and I here having a nice time sitting together. 
These girls were tired of taking turns so…they tried to drive the car together. 
It’s fun to have friends over. Always happy to have these sweet girls over. 
Mirah is all ready to got to Preschool. 

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