Back to the Briar Patch

After a long day of canning…
Mirah passed out on our trip to Mapleton. 
At the lovely time of day, arrived at our destination. 
After some explanation from the proprietor we went out picking. 

The Reddoch gang was there too.

Yumma Yumma Yumma!!!

The kids were obsessed with trying to feed these little animals. 
It was very Zen out there today. 
There were few people out there, it was quiet and breezy. 

My lady and her bucket of berries. 

Karl tired out the Bjorn for the first time. 
Lucas was…ok about it. 
 Got the berries and Karl even picked me some flowers. 
What a sweet heart. 
After berry picking, lots of waiting and everyone adult in the group yelling we ended up at dinner at Sonic. 

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