Feeling Peachy

I was worried we weren’t going to do it this year. 
That’s right…canning peaches. 
Early this morning, we headed out looking for peaches to can. 
With a stroke of luck, we were able to find 3 boxes of 2nds for $5 a box. Which is SO cheap. Normal boxes go for $22. We were able to get them for $20, we each bought a new box. So loaded with 5 boxes of peaches we headed back to my house, got everything set up, and started the long processes of cleaning, skinning, and cutting our peaches.  
 On the bench next to me, my little buddy. 
 This kitchen set up was much better than any space we had canned before. 
Got them filled up. 

Mirah was getting excited to help. Krysta was much better than me about letting her. I need to give her a chance to help me. 
 Mirah found a ring and made it a “queen for Luke” (her way of saying a crown)
 It is always exciting when the house is full of a fun project. 
It was a little emotional to pull out all of the canning stuff grandma gave me. I was thinking of her a lot today. 
 So, so, so many peaches. 
 In the end, 65 jars! 
 BFF’s who love to eat and can peaches. 
SO glad that we were able to get this done this year! 

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