Motor Boat Motor Boat

Karl’s most recent RC project was our Motor boat.  We found the boat at Savers. And with some work and hot glue, Karl was able to fix it right up.

Karl calls it “your boat” because I told him once about a video I saw in French class where on Sunday people in Paris sail little boats on the lakes in the city on Sundays. I just always thought that was so cool.

We went to the Quadratics Gardens where there is a small little pond. The perfect place for a first try.

We all slowly approached the water. Not really sure where to start.

Karl had the remote and the boat so he set the boat in the water as we all watched.


It worked!

Everybody got a turn.

At this point Lucas got on my lap and pulled my scarf over his head to where this just happened. i didn’t need that scarf anyway.

Mirah’s turn.

The batteries were about dead, so we went and wandered the snow covered gardens for a little while.

Karl found another pond. This one had a fish in it. Something wasn’t right with the fish. It was freaking out.

It was still winter though.

These boys.

Another RC adventure success! Thanks Karl!

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