Early Intervention Visits

So I have been feeling nervous about Lucas’s language development for a while now. In just the past couple of months he had been making a lot of strides but then with the sickness he has had and the seizure… I just wanted to get him checked out.

So, we had our free consultation, and it went well. She had lots of fun toys, and Lucas loved to play with them all!

This is Erin, she did the assessment.

He was a rock start. He was able to follow all of her prompts, and it was kind of shocking to be how well he did.

I was surprised at how engaged he was, and how hard he tried to do what she asked him.

Erin said she had never gone that far in the book before. She said he was doing super well.

All that thinking makes a little boys brains tired.

He fell asleep while picking Mirah up from school. He NEVER does that.

Feeling a lot better after that. I sure love this sweet boy.

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