4th of July

I love the 4th of July. 
Feeling pretty crummy as a group this weekend.
Under doctors orders we mostly just stayed at home and “took it easy”
We did however:
1. Buy a bunch of fireworks. 
2. Get dressed up patriotically. 
3. Put flags out front. 
4. Spend about 30 minutes outside at the Provo Freedom Festival street fair. 

I got a funnel cake and kettle corn! 

Mirah road on a ride.
Karl didi this:

It was 100 degrees out that day. So we were totally happy to keep it short. 
5. We went to Nitsy’s house for a BBQ
We were supposed to host this BBQ. But after the command from my doc to “take it easy” and specifically to cancel our BBQ,  Betsy and Nick graciously offered to host instead. 
We got to Nitsy’a house and the kids were ready to play in the water.

6. We lit off our fireworks. 
Before it was too dark and too late we lit off the kid friendly ones. 
Glow sticks. 
Smoke bombs. 
Chinese house one. 
Little tanks. 

And sparklers of course!! 

7. Spent a little time with Belle and Adam. (and Brian.)
They road over after Belle got off of work, and hung out for a while as we lit off some of our bigger fireworks. 

Mirah was NOT into the noise. 
Here she is running away from our family selfie. 

8. Caught the majority of the Stadium of Fire show while we drove home. 
All in all, a pretty perfect day. 

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