Pre- Eclampsia Scare

So most of this week seemed to be taken up by my Pre Eclampsia scare.
I went to the doc on Wednesday and my blood pressure was really high. It had been a high the week before and so we went into the test. 
The 24 hour urine test. 
They jugs were a gallon or two. About a foot high, 6 inches wide. They also gave me what they called the “hat” to catch my pee. It was a pretty annoying thing to have to do. I guess I didn’t realize how much I was going pee until I had to run to the bathroom, pee into the hat, go down to the fridge, get the jug, back up to the bathroom, fill the jug, seal it, bring it back down to the fridge. I went three times in the middle of the night. Ugh. 

Tired, and sick feeling, I was awoken by this little ray of sunshine! 
She didn’t know I was sick and tired. She just knew it was morning and she wanted to play!
Thankfully there is story time at the library to help pass the time. 
When my 24 hours was up, I rushed down to the office to turn in my pee. It was in a big brown paper bag. I felt embarrassed as I walked with it under one arm and Mirah in the other. The office was CLOSED for lunch! So we had to wait 40 minutes for them to open again. I had called and left messages and they never got back to me. I also checked on line and on their answering service and it never said they closed for lunch. 
We went to the hospital cafe, and each got a bag of chips and a drink while we waited. 
I had to do a lab draw as well as drop off my Urine. 
The cute lab tech gave Mirah a wrap too and even gave us matching purple bows. 
The result?
Everything was normal. Sigh. Thankfully

The outcome however is that my blood pressure is still too high. And that I will probably still deliver early. My Doc says that she will not let me go over 39 weeks. So little Lucas is come before his due date. Here’s to more waiting. 

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