Baby’s Quiet Book

So right under the wire I was able to finish the last May pre baby project:
The Quiet Book. 
Just in case you don’t know what a quiet book is here is my post from when I made Mirah her quiet book:
Basically it is a book you can use in the car, or at church that a child can quietly play for lots of time.
Every time I work on this, which has actually been a lot over the past month, Mirah likes to get her quiet book out and play. 
Over the past month, I have worked on a page or two a week. After a month of designing, cutting and gluing and sewing I was ready to do the last few things. 
I had glued everything together. I needed to sew the last few things on. 
So here are the pages:
Front page. 
Crayon storage and a little notebook pocket. 

A shapes page. 
Counting page. 
Under the sea bead counting. 
Mr. Potato head page. 
Socks matching page. 
Storage for half the sox in the washer. 
A dress up doll. 
All ready for church! 
Karl’s design and execution.
He still needs to make the actual Pokemon characters. 
Back page. 
Inside cover. 
Black canvas cover.
Lime green handles and outside. 
I had to do the final sewing together by hand. 
Put together and finished! 
I think the quality on this one is a little better than the first. I think it is mostly becasue I had been looking at my first attempt every Sunday for a couple years and had all that time to see the things I would have done differently. The things that worked and didn’t, etc. It was fun.

Here we come June project:
The Rainbow Blanket

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