Memorial Day

Memorial Day.
A day to honor and remember those who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country.
One of the coolest things about our neighborhood is the on patriotic holidays the scouts come around put flags on the lawns of every home. Makes me feel, united somehow. 

Mirah and I did a few little chores first thing this morning and they were already out and Mirah loved the one on our lawn.
Check out Mirah’s little outfit. 
She is always wanting to wear this American flag skit. I kind of have to hide it so she doesn’t try to put it on every day. It’s not that it isn’t a cute skirt, it is just a bold statement that doesn’t really match much. She was SO excited when I asked her if she wanted to wear it today. 
Our plans today were simple. Visit Grandma and Grandpa with Cameron and Maryn. 
We met at the cemetery around 9:30.
We had brought a few flowers and a little pinwheel for grandpa since he was apart of the National Air Patrol. 
Karl and Sloan.
Maryn and Grandma and Grandpa. 
This little guy! He has gotten so big! It was so fun to see how much he has grown up. He was talking so much and was being SO cute.

This spot is so faimliar lately. We have been out here for 4 funerals in the past 10 years. 

The sickness and pregnancy is spelled out on my tired face. 

Sloan replacing the flowers they brought with them. 

Mirah loves Sloan. She just wanted to hug, he just wanted to get away. 


Mirah and Sloan under a tree showing off their belly buttons. 

Baby model! 
Later we met up with Kelly at their home. 
The kids played some more. 
More belly button talk. 

We went out to bruch at the Village Inn. 
You can’t tell but Sloan is completely SOAKED here. Still, loving life.

We said our goodbyes and wished Kelly luck this week. She is due to have her baby this week and he could come any day now!

We went home and spent the afternoon with Karl’s family in Provo at a BBQ at Betsy and Nick’s place. The previous events of the day had pooped my out so much that I completely forgot to get any pictures of the event. We had quite the spread and spent most of the time chatting.

We were in bed early, and left thinking about the day’s events and all we have to be thankful for. 

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