Dance Recital

I rushed home from wedding dress shopping.
Karl and Mirah did some chores and played dress up. 

When I got home, she was all but ready. 

We changed when we got to the theater. We had forgotten the gift we had all pitched in for for Ms. Jessie as well as Mirah’s tap shoes. Belle and Mirah who were just behind us grabbed then for us. 
Daddy and daughter. Waiting to be called back. 

Soon a friend from class, Claire arrived. 
Mirah was thoroughly diverted still was not understanding the instructions, “look at me and smile.”
She just wanted to dance. 

Up and your toes and tip toe!!!

They finally called us back and we were first up!
The dances went as well as could be expected. Mirah did some dancing. It was cute. 
Maryn came to see the cute. 

Adam and Belle came too. 

Mirah and Dad. With her little roses. 
Our little family. 
We blew right through nap time and you can see it in her eyes. 

That and the fact that she passed out in the car on our way to lunch. 
All danced out. 
We went to Sushi burrito that FINALLY opened in Provo. I got a California burrito. Deep fried. 
Karl got the Teriyaki beef. 
Belle got the Spicy tuna. Adam got one with grilled salmon and bacon…Maryn had belle’s left overs. 
Mirah did finally wake up and have some Gyoza. 
We went home a crashed. 
Dance class with Dansations is over. 

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