Wedding Dress Hunt

So my baby sister is getting married. So starts the wedding preparations!
Today Maryn, Belle and me went and did some wedding dress shopping.
We had appointments at a couple of different shops in Provo and Orem and she tired on 4 maybe 5 dresses. We had better luck at the first shop I think. We mostly just laughed.
Here is the first dress, and I think what ended up being her favorite.  

Talking about alterations. 
Second Dress:

Third dress:
Maryn already getting board in the background. 

Our second stop at David’s Bridal was a less productive stop, still it had it’s upsides. 

We got a few more on here…
My poor pregnant back we killing me. 
They had a lot more strapless dresses here. 
Fourth dress
Final dress:

So, we learned:
She wants a loose short sleeve, a high sheer collar, not an empire waist, a simple lace fabric and flowy skirt. No sequins, no jewels, just…simple. She has a dress online that she loves and that is a fraction of the cost of any of the dresses we saw today.
I think she is ordering that one after all.
You will have to wait and see it at the wedding. 

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