Ladies First Pho

It has been a ROUGH week for me physically.
I am off my anti naeusea meds and I am basically back to my first trimester of illness. Barfing every morning, nausea throughout the day. It is taking time, but I am figuring out my new normal for now. I am back on nausea foods. Soup, crackers, sprite, toast. Many small meals instead of anything big. Working on trying to get my prenatal vitamin down. Sigh. On top of it all, there is MUCH needed rain coming into Utah for weeks now. It has started to wear my spirit down though, I am not anxious for it to stop, but it has sure been gloomy.

So I have set the scene.
When Karl got home on Friday night and asked what I would need for my dreams to come true, soup, and not just any soup, Pho sounded just about right. 

We went to Pho plus in Provo so Karl could get Bhan Mi since soup sounded like the worst to him. What a sweet husband, taking me there, huh?

Mirah loves soup. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned that before. Chicken noodle, tomato, vegetable, and now we can add Pho to the list. We have traditionally ordered her some chicken and rice but the last time we went she really wanted my noodles. She we ordered her a kids sized pho for her. 

It went like gang busters. 
Karl helped her at first with the noodles. 
But she figured it out in the end. 
After getting nice and warmed up by the soup, we get cooled down by out favorite Hawiian Shave Ice place. 
Feeling cheered and maybe a little better. Love my family. 

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