Last Day at Dansations

It is hard to believe that Mirah started dance class last June.
Here she is on her first day of class:

She mostly just ran around the room in those days. 

Now, well now she still loves to run around the room, but it has been such a great experience for her to be in dance. She loves to jump, and run, and do first, second and third position.
Here are the girls getting ready to leap! 
Ms. Jessie gave all the kids cookies on their last day. 
Here they are with sweet Ms. Jessie. Mirah loves her so much. 
From left to right:
Jacqueline, Molly, Mayley, Ms. Jessie, Mirah, Paige, and Claire. 

Just a few more of all the girls together. 
Molly’s mom sent bubbles for all of the girls. 

Mayley and her mom Tara. 
Baby Brock, Claire’s little brother. 
Claire’s mom Candice brought donuts for everyone to enjoy. Mirah was in SUGER HEAVEN!

Mom’s and the girls:
Mayley and her mom Tara, Claire and her mom Candice, Me and Mirah, Paige and her mom Kristen. 

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