First Soccer Game

The day of Mirah’s first soccer game had finally arrived. We had done some practicing, and some kicking, and we were just so excited to get to the games.
We got a text from her coach! 

We got her all dressed up in her uniform, and I think that I was more excited than Mirah. You can see it on my face, also by the number of pictures that will be in this post.  Everything was perfect.

Well, everything except the air quality.  The inversion was TERRIBLE that day. The worst I have seen in memory.

This was our view drving down to Lakeside Park where her game would be held.

Karl had scouts that night, so he wasn’t there to help me get the kids, the chairs, and all of our stuff to the field. BUT we made it!

Lucas was excited to be on the field and have his snack.

Mirah’s coach and teammates.

Yeah, the air is so bad, you can hardly see the mountains!

MIRAH is number 9 BTW.

Here with a team mate, checking out the goal.

We got so excited to get to the game, we hadn’t had dinner. So we loaded up on snacks while we waited for it to start.

And the game began! Lucas and I sitting together, cheering Mirah on.


Soon enough, Karl arrived.

Mirah was all over the feild! She ran and fell, and kicked and jumped!

And fell.

Here she is with her coach!!

Coach Thomas!!

She was having a blast.

It was during this game the girls gave themselves a name!

A name as fierce as they are!

The Purple Sharks!

Their fierce competition, the Blue Team.

Some of the girls were better than others.

But everyone was having fun! GO Mirah!



 Lets watch some live action!
 Lets take a quick break from the game to check out these two cuties.
 Karl and Lucas love eachother so much. Almost as much as Lucas LOVES to laugh. Like he LOVES to laugh.

No one makes him laugh like his dad.

They are just so cute, I had to post every picture.
Ok, then a video, because his laugh is so amazing.
It was around this time that Mirah came out to have a little break.

One more round of goals!

And it was time for the game to be over!

And we won!  Well, everyone won, because everyone is a winner when they play fair and have fun!

Mirah’s first good game line. It was hilarious, because none of them had done it before and they we just milling around with Adults trying to get them to high five each other.

Team picture!

No one told Lucas players only.


The next day we had Practice.

It was a serious evening of drills.

These cuties.

Coach Thomas was having a tough time motivating them.

They were still pretty tuckered out from the game.

First PTA Meeting

Another token on “Stay At Home Mom” bingo:
 I am a brand new member of our school’s PTA.
My first ever meeting was Thrusday.

They said young children are welcome, so I brought Lucas.

There were games and toys and, books (of course since it was held in the school’s library)

Lucas spent most of the time playing this little fishing game.

They talked about the Chior, and about their chosen math program, and about the Cougar Crawl coming up.

 It was fun and informative. Lucas was loosing it by the end so I had to leave a little early.

Labor Day 2017 BBQ

 We had spent the whole day on our art project, and we were ready to have some BBQ.  Betsy and Nick were so generous to host the BBQ.
 The kids were as happy as always to play together.
It was a really chill evening. We played on the grass out back. Karl was the best. He wrestled around with tall the kids.




Especially his buddy Lucas.


 Fare thee well summer!

Art Project on Labor Day Weekend

We were out again! We have worked a lot of the day on Saturday and were determined to finish up as soon as possible. So Monday, Labor day, we got back to work. Some of us were more excited than others:

Mirah was ready to get back to staining.

We did orange and yellow next.

And it was pretty clear we had about enough blocks cute. So Karl joined us staining.


Lucas played in the yard, and ate at the table, and was just happy to be outside.

My fingers.

I just love the way list looks.

Deep into the afternoon we lined up the blocks we had, and were starting to question our color choices.

It was starting to look a little…kindergarten / pediatrician’s waiting room.

So, after LOTS of discussions and experiemnting with blocks we decided to not use the orange and red blocks. THEN we would finish a few blocks with no stain.

RIP red and Orange blocks.

It was really starting to come together.


The last of the blocks we needed.

We did some math of blocks we had left, colors we wanted to incorporate, and got to work.

More greens and blues and yellows.

Unstained blocks.

Once everything was dried, we put them into a bug bucket.

We started cleaning up.

It felt like my nails would never be the same.

We prepped the board we were going to use for the blocks.

We tired a few different types of adhesive. The first one was a water activated one. So Karl got the board wet.

And we got to work attaching blocks.



An hour later…

We liked the configuration, but the adhesive wasn’t working well enough.

So off to Ace we went.

Lucas was so helpful

Ready to finish. But done for now.

Sunday Family Fun Day

Sunday is a fun day.
A day to go to church and rest and be together.
Mirah, looking cute at church.

 I am serving in Primary right now and it is always SO cute to see Mirah get picked to help during music time.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a picture! She was just so cute!

Chelsea and Adam had just arrived home from their summer trip to Thailand  and Vietnam and everyone was excited so see them and hear all about their trip!

We had all missed them! So we had a family dinner at our house to celebrate their return.

The kids had missed their uncle Adam.

We  Bhan Mi sandwiches for dinner, in honor of their Vietnam leg of the journey.
Karl was the cook, so they were delicious.

I think that Reese agreed.


Poor Cam, he had to read all the labels and eat things in a different arrangement.  But there was tons of pork and a big salad for him to work with.

We had bought these crazy candies at the Asian market for dessert.

This was a pineapple one. It was…weird.

 I was very happy to have my sister home!

 We ended up in the yard after dinner. The weather was warm and there was lots of shade and places to relax and talk.

We had recently bought these air bag seat things. They are only okay, as I am sure you can tell by Karl’s face.

Baby Reesey was happy to be outside playing with water.

 Family PILE!

 Lukey and Uncle Adam.

 It was getting late so it was time to say goodbye.

Kids lining up, trying to pose for a picture.

 Almost got one.

 Goodbyes to cam and Kelly and the kids.

As I walked back in I was met with this funny scene.

Swaying sisters. Together again.

Sweet Aunt Belle, excited to put the babies to bed again.

 Sunday Fun Day.

Another Art Project

Back in July – we had our little staycation.
One of the things that we had planned on doing was an art project.I follow Josh Gad on my Instagram and he posted this:
He just had this installed in his home.

So I looked up the artists page.
Loving this.
Oh my goodness looking at this made me want to make it myself SO badly.
 So, over Labor Day weekend, we did it.

Well we started it.

 First stop:

The Lumbar Store!

The blocks in the piece we were inspired by we 2X2 or 3X3 blocks.

Our Lumbar store only had 1×1 or 4×4

We went with the 1×1 for a couple of reasons:

1. Cost

2. Weight

It is always so exciting to through yourself in to a new project and we super did.  In addition to the lumber we bought clear stain and some hardware. Then off to hobby lobby for pigments (we just used latex paints)
Step one,  measurements and math. Figuring our
Time to chop chop chop!

 Next, after making some cuts we wanted to make sure it would work. It was looking so good.

SO my sweet Karl got to work cutting up some wood!

You can really see all the saw dust on he dark shirt and in his hair.

Oh Karl.

Meanwhile, Mirah and I started staining.

Mom’s helper.

We chose to do a stain rather than just straight paint, because we wanted to be able to see the wood under the paint.

We wanted to have different shades from the same color

After our first day of cutting and staining, we had our red and blue blocks done.

There is something really satisfying about looking at all of them together.

 Excited to keep going.

Waving Goodbye

The Reddoch’s had been over. We had dinner and played in the yard. It was still warm, and so the kids got wet in the hose.
BUT when it was time to get dry, they just stripped off their clothing. We said we would bathe them, so I was getting them into the tub, but they wanted to say goodbye to their cousins. So while I was distracted, they made their way out to the front window.
 This is how I found them:

No shame, shrouded in shadow.

Oh my goodness I LOVE these kids.

They keep me on my toes.

Art Stroll Downtown Provo

As a group of friends/family we went with the Whitmore’s on the First Friday Art Stroll in Provo.
We grabbed dinner at 2 Jack’s Pizza. 
Then dessert of cronuts at the French bakery 
Music was playing and we all got red balloons 
An “IT’ Themed haunted house would be opening soon…

These two serious buddies found an important sign:

Krysta starting to break. 
“Best Friends with Harambe” 
Of this fame:
Related image

Oh to be this lovely and innocent and have no idea about Harambe.
But seriously these kids. These kids. 

So perfect.

Piano Lessons Begin

I started piano lessons when I was 8, but I remember wanting to start before then. So, when Mirah was excited about starting, and someone in our ward was giving lessons, I was so excited to get her started.

He first lesson went super well. She has a hard time focusing often, but she loved it, and her teacher said she will keep working with her. 

He first weeks assignment was to learn the names of the keys. We spent all week learning their names and labeling the keyboard! 

She was doing great. We are both really excited about it.

We will see how it goes. 

Package Surprise

Sweet Aunt Maryn. 
She thought it would be great to send Mirah a package for he first week in school. 
Mirah was STOKED. 
Mirah got a new dolly! Frida! 
He LOVES her. 

But the gifts didn’t end there. 
Mirah got a new coloring book. 
A new banner for her room. 
A box of coloring pencils, and another radical book about a little girl who wanted to be a Luchadore. 
Thank you sweet Maryn, so all of your love thoughtfulness. Mirah was so happy, and we both feel you love. We are so lucky to have to have such a wonderful sister and aunt.