Merry Christmas, Allison

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Delicious Lucas

So Lucas is still the cutest boy ever. One super cute thing that is happening right now with him is “Delicious.”
When Lucas eats something that he really likes, he calls it delicious. In fact, he has no other describers for food but delicious. I can’t say when it started.But I can say, I NEVER want it to end.
The other night at dinner we were eating steak sandwiches and her kept taking bits and saying, “mmm, delicious.”I tried to record him doing it, but as soon as the camera came out, he clammed up. He does say it a couple of times towards the end of this 52 second video:

sex positive

Tonight Krysta and I went to this incredible, empowering, educational, and helpful meeting.   It was called:
It was sponsered by:
I put a link on my facebook to the live stream of the event. It was seriously so good and so honest. I felt a lot of feelings about myself, and my kids, and my thoughts about when and how to talk to them about sex.
The panalists included:

The program had a booklist

I took a lot of notes. 

Here is the video.

 This really is a post for me to look at now and again when I need reference or reminding on good ideas as these things come up.

The main feeling I have is that I need to be positive about sex. Not hide if from my kids. Help them feel empowered by their beautiful bodies and feelings. I love my kids, and I am going to do my best. 🙂


After all that heavy talking. We needed a treat for being such great moms.

So we went to Roll with It.

The anti griddle ice cream place.

Last time we went here with the kids, I didn’t even get 5 bites of my ice cream.

 This time I ate the whole thing.

Volunteer Baby Swap

 Kid swap! This time instead of the park, the boys played at our house.   And it was my turn to volunteer at school.
It is so fun to have a boy Luke’s age over once a week. I haven’t been as good about socializing Lucas (As I was with Mirah) …sorry buddy.
They played with tools and cars and did okay.  The pictures of the boys were taken by Devanie.

Dane was very on focused on fixing the door to the playroom.

Then the light sabers came out.

Meanwhile at school:

Oops, Mirah played soccer in her sandals, and got bloody toes.

After school, we had a little play date with the kids.

Exciting to have some new friends.

Dance Class Begins!

Mirah’s last commitment…I promise.
Dance class!

And we were back to Dansation!

There is our little ballerina in the back!

We invited Aftyn to our first day of class to see if she wanted to join us.

Pointing toes out!


Arms up!

5th position.

Aftyn didn’t love dance.

Mirah did.

Watch D.O.G.S.

In an effort to get all parents involved, Mirah’s school has the WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program.  Most of the school’s volunteers are moms. The Watch Dog program invites Dads to the school for a day to volunteer and help out.
Karl went to the info meeting, lured in by pizza, and found out it was just a time to get dad’s to sign up. He was pretty grumpy about getting “tricked” into helping. BUT, on the day of, he was really excited to go to school with Mirah.
We tried to do a Charlies Angle’s but she wasn’t getting it.

Some explanation, with out mush attention.

And got it!

Karl and Mirah going to school together.


Karl took these:
The went into the teachers lounge.

And put on their watch dog shirts.

A wall of Watch Dog’s and their kids.

After a day of volunteering, Karl and Mirah coming out of school together.

Karl helped in Mirah’s class, and helped with pick up and drop off, he helped monitor at recess. He met Mirah’s teacher, and class mates. He had a great time.

Finished Project

 We were finally ready to put the finishing touches onto our block are work.

As you can imagine, it is VERY heavy.

It took some special efforts to get it hung.

We had some debate as to where it should hang on the wall

We made a frame, and it was up.
We LOVE it.


September 11th 2001. It was a terrible day that just kept getting worse.
 We talked about it with the kids today. I got really emotional, it really was one of the most terrible days of my young life.
We are thankful for our country and for the people who work hard to protect it.



Second Soccer Game

 After a crazy morning on a boat, we hurried our buns out to Lake view park to be a little late to Mirah’s soccer game.

 A bunch of killers.

It was fun to be out there, just me and my lady.

Assisting with a goal!

Very very proud of herself!


Getting in the action!





 Me and my lady.


Mirah scored a goal!!

After the game, was picture day! Our team shot!

Little cuties.

 Another great game!!

Living that Boat Life

Karl reserved the boat, and was probably the most excited to be be on the boat. We arrived at the rental shop, paid for the rental, and headed down the dock.
SO it is no surprise that we were the first family on the boat! The guys at the dock told us all about the boat, how to steer, rules, etc.
We had out life jackets on and we were ready to go!


Ready to be out on the water!

Look mom! A birdy!!

Yeah, we see it buddy.

Yep, a bird.

Everyone arrived and we all got our life jackets on and we were off!

Karl took us out.

This handsome driver.

The kids were all super excited.

 The girls are so cute… but can we just take a second to look at Lucas. WHY WHY WHY is he so freaking cute?? Look at those shorts! 

The first little bit on the boat was slow, and the kids were excited to look over the side.


Once we got out of port and into open water…

We made sure the kids we safe…



Then Karl let her rip!




Me and my perfect boy!!


Betsy with her ladies!


Betsy took a turn!



Karl took this chance to put his feet in the water.


I decided to take a set and enjoy the water too.

Betsy-with her sweet little co-pilot.

She wanted to drive the boat, all by herself.

We aren’t worried.

These kids!!!

Lucas with Zombie cheeto face. Sweetie.







Nick took his turn.

Trying to balance the boat.

Funny story.
There was a bag of starbursts on the boat. Asher had seen it and asked for a “Starbucks.”
Karl heard this, and had noticed that there was an empty Starbucks cup stashed in the back…

So he handed it to him.

This was funny, because none of us understood what he was asking for, and none of us knew that there was a cup in the boat.  Asher was confused as we were all amused.

At this point the sun had all but disappeared and we were getting chilly.

Mirah put her sweater on OVER her life jacket.

Karl’s glasses…

Lucas was loving it!

We were not loving the way he would jump so high…it seemed that he was about to jump out of the boat.











The wind picked up and it really started to get cold!



We pulled into port for a while and got sandwiches at the shop there. We ate our lunch. And had a few laughs. 

Nick and the girls:


Lucas at the wheel.







Lucas really wanted to keep driving.





The evolution of an okay family photo.

I got a shot to drive!

Then the birds arrived.

We told the group about when we fed birds off of the back of the cruise ship. So the kids started throughing food.


Then more birds arrived.

 Then more.

They ended up chancing us around the lake.

During one of Nick’s evasive maneuvers he turned, and a wave of water splashed up and SOAKED Rosy.


 We had a fun day!
We all agreed we would do it again, in the middle of the summer next time. With swim suits, and lots of food. It will be an awesome time someday.