Delicious Lucas

So Lucas is still the cutest boy ever. One super cute thing that is happening right now with him is “Delicious.”
When Lucas eats something that he really likes, he calls it delicious. In fact, he has no other describers for food but delicious. I can’t say when it started.But I can say, I NEVER want it to end.
The other night at dinner we were eating steak sandwiches and her kept taking bits and saying, “mmm, delicious.”I tried to record him doing it, but as soon as the camera came out, he clammed up. He does say it a couple of times towards the end of this 52 second video:

sex positive

Tonight Krysta and I went to this incredible, empowering, educational, and helpful meeting.   It was called:
It was sponsered by:
I put a link on my facebook to the live stream of the event. It was seriously so good and so honest. I felt a lot of feelings about myself, and my kids, and my thoughts about when and how to talk to them about sex.
The panalists included:

The program had a booklist

I took a lot of notes. 

Here is the video.

 This really is a post for me to look at now and again when I need reference or reminding on good ideas as these things come up.

The main feeling I have is that I need to be positive about sex. Not hide if from my kids. Help them feel empowered by their beautiful bodies and feelings. I love my kids, and I am going to do my best. 🙂


After all that heavy talking. We needed a treat for being such great moms.

So we went to Roll with It.

The anti griddle ice cream place.

Last time we went here with the kids, I didn’t even get 5 bites of my ice cream.

 This time I ate the whole thing.

Volunteer Baby Swap

 Kid swap! This time instead of the park, the boys played at our house.   And it was my turn to volunteer at school.
It is so fun to have a boy Luke’s age over once a week. I haven’t been as good about socializing Lucas (As I was with Mirah) …sorry buddy.
They played with tools and cars and did okay.  The pictures of the boys were taken by Devanie.

Dane was very on focused on fixing the door to the playroom.

Then the light sabers came out.

Meanwhile at school:

Oops, Mirah played soccer in her sandals, and got bloody toes.

After school, we had a little play date with the kids.

Exciting to have some new friends.

Dance Class Begins!

Mirah’s last commitment…I promise.
Dance class!

And we were back to Dansation!

There is our little ballerina in the back!

We invited Aftyn to our first day of class to see if she wanted to join us.

Pointing toes out!


Arms up!

5th position.

Aftyn didn’t love dance.

Mirah did.

Watch D.O.G.S.

In an effort to get all parents involved, Mirah’s school has the WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program.  Most of the school’s volunteers are moms. The Watch Dog program invites Dads to the school for a day to volunteer and help out.
Karl went to the info meeting, lured in by pizza, and found out it was just a time to get dad’s to sign up. He was pretty grumpy about getting “tricked” into helping. BUT, on the day of, he was really excited to go to school with Mirah.
We tried to do a Charlies Angle’s but she wasn’t getting it.

Some explanation, with out mush attention.

And got it!

Karl and Mirah going to school together.


Karl took these:
The went into the teachers lounge.

And put on their watch dog shirts.

A wall of Watch Dog’s and their kids.

After a day of volunteering, Karl and Mirah coming out of school together.

Karl helped in Mirah’s class, and helped with pick up and drop off, he helped monitor at recess. He met Mirah’s teacher, and class mates. He had a great time.

Finished Project

 We were finally ready to put the finishing touches onto our block are work.

As you can imagine, it is VERY heavy.

It took some special efforts to get it hung.

We had some debate as to where it should hang on the wall

We made a frame, and it was up.
We LOVE it.


September 11th 2001. It was a terrible day that just kept getting worse.
 We talked about it with the kids today. I got really emotional, it really was one of the most terrible days of my young life.
We are thankful for our country and for the people who work hard to protect it.



Dane and Lucas

My dear friend Devanie has moved into town. It means so many wonderful things for me and my kids. One of the best things?
We can babysit for eachother during the day so we can each volunteer for our respective children’s classes!  My first time was this week!
Devo’s son Dane and Lucas were not exactly FAST friends, but they were at least kind of friendly.
We met up with them at rock canyon park. And Dev left.
Sweet Dane was hesitant at first.


Lucas was just excited to be on a slide!


Diaper weggie.

And he was off again.

I tried to show Devo that we were having a blast.  I sent her lots of pics while we were together.

She is such a good mom, she always had so many snacks for her kids. I figured we had just had breakfast when we left to meet them, so I didn’t bring any. Lucas wanted Dane to share his snacks.

Dane wasn’t super into it at first.

BUT- he had a change of heart after Lucas begged and begged.

Luke thought that his he sideled right next to Dane, maybe he would be more willing to share his sweet potato chips.





He wasn’t convinced. And ended up dumping the rest of them on the ground to avoid sharing. Oh my goodness I was cracking up!

Luckily with 2 year olds, “out of sight out of mind” was pretty much a rule and they went on playing after this.


But with all the snacks gone, poor Dane felt desperate for his missing mother.

Lucas stayed close by being a real bro.

You can tell he, Lucas, didn’t really get what was going on, but he wanted to be near his new buddy in his time of stress.

We took a video to show his mom. We tried to distract him, but it wasn’t working.

We got into the car, which helped calm him down, because I think it made him think we were leaving to go to his mom.

She did arrive, and he was RELIEVED.

All and all a pretty fun play date.

First Soccer Game

The day of Mirah’s first soccer game had finally arrived. We had done some practicing, and some kicking, and we were just so excited to get to the games.
We got a text from her coach! 

We got her all dressed up in her uniform, and I think that I was more excited than Mirah. You can see it on my face, also by the number of pictures that will be in this post.  Everything was perfect.

Well, everything except the air quality.  The inversion was TERRIBLE that day. The worst I have seen in memory.

This was our view drving down to Lakeside Park where her game would be held.

Karl had scouts that night, so he wasn’t there to help me get the kids, the chairs, and all of our stuff to the field. BUT we made it!

Lucas was excited to be on the field and have his snack.

Mirah’s coach and teammates.

Yeah, the air is so bad, you can hardly see the mountains!

MIRAH is number 9 BTW.

Here with a team mate, checking out the goal.

We got so excited to get to the game, we hadn’t had dinner. So we loaded up on snacks while we waited for it to start.

And the game began! Lucas and I sitting together, cheering Mirah on.


Soon enough, Karl arrived.

Mirah was all over the feild! She ran and fell, and kicked and jumped!

And fell.

Here she is with her coach!!

Coach Thomas!!

She was having a blast.

It was during this game the girls gave themselves a name!

A name as fierce as they are!

The Purple Sharks!

Their fierce competition, the Blue Team.

Some of the girls were better than others.

But everyone was having fun! GO Mirah!



 Lets watch some live action!
 Lets take a quick break from the game to check out these two cuties.
 Karl and Lucas love eachother so much. Almost as much as Lucas LOVES to laugh. Like he LOVES to laugh.

No one makes him laugh like his dad.

They are just so cute, I had to post every picture.
Ok, then a video, because his laugh is so amazing.
It was around this time that Mirah came out to have a little break.

One more round of goals!

And it was time for the game to be over!

And we won!  Well, everyone won, because everyone is a winner when they play fair and have fun!

Mirah’s first good game line. It was hilarious, because none of them had done it before and they we just milling around with Adults trying to get them to high five each other.

Team picture!

No one told Lucas players only.


The next day we had Practice.

It was a serious evening of drills.

These cuties.

Coach Thomas was having a tough time motivating them.

They were still pretty tuckered out from the game.

First PTA Meeting

Another token on “Stay At Home Mom” bingo:
 I am a brand new member of our school’s PTA.
My first ever meeting was Thrusday.

They said young children are welcome, so I brought Lucas.

There were games and toys and, books (of course since it was held in the school’s library)

Lucas spent most of the time playing this little fishing game.

They talked about the Chior, and about their chosen math program, and about the Cougar Crawl coming up.

 It was fun and informative. Lucas was loosing it by the end so I had to leave a little early.