Merry Christmas, Allison

Your blog is important to us and I’d like you to have a better tool. Well, here it is. It’s a private WordPress server that I’m going to switch over to the domain. I can customize anything and you can choose from any WordPress theme.


  • Youtube auto-embed (just paste in a youtube url)
  • Google Photos auto-embed (just paste in a share link)
  • Such control
  • Much CSS
  • Backups

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Volunteer Baby Swap

 Kid swap! This time instead of the park, the boys played at our house.   And it was my turn to volunteer at school.
It is so fun to have a boy Luke’s age over once a week. I haven’t been as good about socializing Lucas (As I was with Mirah) …sorry buddy.
They played with tools and cars and did okay.  The pictures of the boys were taken by Devanie.

Dane was very on focused on fixing the door to the playroom.

Then the light sabers came out.

Meanwhile at school:

Oops, Mirah played soccer in her sandals, and got bloody toes.

After school, we had a little play date with the kids.

Exciting to have some new friends.